Peter Scarks Design is a 21st century creative team. You should talk to us if you’re a forward-thinking brand, agency, business or organisation looking for new ideas and beautiful design.

Fighting Ugliness fighting ugliness

The fight against ugliness continues into 2013 and beyond.

Emotional Designemotion

What moves us to emotion is something that we remember, talk about and share with others.

21st century thinking21st century thinking

21st century creative services for brands, agencies, businesses and organisations.

Storytelling storytelling

Peter Scarks has a compelling story of its own, do you?

10,000 hoursemotion

Nearly 10 years of brand ID, web design, infographics and new ideas.

beautiful designinspiration

Anything less than beautiful, in the Age of Noise, will be ignored. Let Peter Scarks give you a makeover!

21st Century Creative Team DNA

back of a napkin


We have insatiable curiosity. Without it there's no insight. Without insight, there's no new ideas.

creativity and beautiful design

We believe in the power of creativity and beautiful design. It solves problems and frees the spirit and makes life better for everyone.


Reason leads to conclusion. Emotion leads to action.