Infographics, Data Visualisation, Presentations and Industrial Film

If you are a brand, agency, businesses or organisation looking for infographics and data visualisation, then did you know that we offer a creative service that includes the full range of visual storytelling techniques, from infographics and data visualisation to film, pictograms, Powerpoint and Prezi?

We work with some of London’s most talked about infographic agencies. We have also worked with iconic brands, such as Carling and Kelloggs, to produce internal short films, and design visuals that simplify systems and processes. We have also partnered with Kraft Europe to illustrate a cooking process for one of Italy’s most famous meat products.

If you have a great story to tell, an important presentation to deliver, a product to sell, a service to promote, and you are looking for a partner, a creative team to turn your communications into something that people are going to want to share, like or recommend, then you should talk to Peter Scarks Design.

Our service includes: infographics, data visualisations, pictograms, short film, Prezi and Powerpoint presentations.

Infographics fighting ugliness

Prezi is a cloud-based presentation software and storytelling tool for exploring and sharing ideas on a virtual canvas.

Data Vizualisationemotion

Supply or with data, and we'll turn them into best practice infographics that your clients will be compelled to share, recommend and talk about.


As well as a good story, talked about infographics, pictograms and presentations need high-end illustrations to bring them to life. We can supply these as part of the brief.

Visual Storytelling storytelling

Peter Scarks has a compelling story of its own, do you?

Prezi and Powerpointintertain

We can turn your powerpiont presentations into things of beauty. We'll introduce you to Prezi. Prezi turns ppt's into stunning motion graphics.

Industrial Filmpictograms

In the age of noise, beautiful communication stands out.

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Bristan Make Life Easier

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